The Joys of Choreographing

I’m currently working on an act that I’ve had in my head for quite some time. I encountered a theme that this sing ‘n strip would be  perfect for. I’m really excited to finally be putting it on it’s feet.

In the past, I would procrastinate on putting together the choreography and costuming. I would listen to the music all the time and brainstorm the moves, but wouldn’t actually put them into action until a time that was pretty much last minute. This time, I’m doing some things differently than I usually do.

  1. Starting the choreography earlier, instead of relying on what I come up in my head.
  2. Moving with the music, exploring different movements.
  3. Writing down the movements I want to keep in a spreadsheet.

I took a couple of these tips from the website Tease! Bang! Boom!:

Anyway, I will keep blocking out time in my day to work on the choreography. I do feel like I get stuck sometimes, but I’m giving myself time to get stuck and then work through it.

I hope you’ll be around to check it out when it debuts in August!

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